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Brands in the metaverse: ONTIER at Miami fashion week featured in Business Insider

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Derek Stinson and Marta Corbi concluded Miami fashion week with a Q&A about strategies for launching brands into the metaverse. ONTIER has an established track record within the fashion industry, and now even more so with work crossing over into the digital fashion sphere.

Click the link to find out more: ONTIER ITALY advise BVLGARI on Jewellery NFTS

The Q&A included some of the foundations such as "what is an NFT?" and "how do transactions work in the metaverse?", But also important benefits around royalties for originators and content creators. Derek Stinson commented:

"Every time an NFT changes hands a royalty is paid to the original designer. It’s an amazing revenue stream and lasts forever. This added layer of security to the intellectual rights associated with an NFT gives a better chance for a return on investment upon reselling."

You can find out more in the Business Insider article: Miami Fashion Week Enters the Metaverse with "L'ATELIER BY MIAFW"


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