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Legal advisers wade into crypto contagion – Amy Harvey quoted in the FT

Updated: Apr 12

Amy Harvey, litigation partner and civil fraud expert at ONTIER LLP, was quoted in the Financial Times following the recent collapse of FTX.

It is thought that the collapse of FTX may foreshadow another series of corporate collapses within the digital asset sphere. An environment with still many open-ended questions around the regulation, taxation and treatment of assets.

Amy says consumers remain at risk in recovering assets that are not clearly understood or audited “With [digital asset] firms, because of the lack of regulation of the industry, sometimes these assets are completely opaque,” she says, adding that FTX’s new management is “having to completely rework and work out what the audited accounts are because nothing that is filed is reliable”.

ONTIER are experienced commercial litigators, with strong expertise in civil fraud, asset recovery and insolvency. For all questions regarding the topics raised in this article, please contact a member of our team.


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